The AltoViva™ Philosophy

When Life feels Complicated, Your Supplement Protocol Should be Simple

Supplementation and dietary choices can produce powerful results for many people. But sometimes it seems like an individual never reaches their health goals. What’s happening when usually reliable supplement strategies don’t work? AltoViva™ products are based on over 20 years of microbiology, immunology, and cardiovascular research, focused on answering that question.

In complicated cases, we’ve learned to rely on two core principles:

  1. Respect Complex Causes – The media often tout the wonders of a single ingredient for certain health goals (i.e. vitamin C for immune health or CoQ10 for heart health). But our bodies are unique, and our diets and lifestyle choices vary. In reality, personal health goals involve multiple body systems, requiring several diverse nutrients.*

    No single nutrient will act as a “wonder supplement” for every person. That’s why AltoViva™ always provides multi-ingredient blends. We also make sure each individual nutrient is provided at a dosage level that is safe and synergetic with all the other ingredients in the blend. Appropriate dosing is vital for both safety and efficacy.*

  2. Provide a Simple Solution – Complex supplementing strategies shouldn’t have to complicate your personal routine. No one wants to juggle ten supplement bottles and try to remember the safest dosage combinations. We provide all the supplements that your primary health care provider recommended, in one product. One product, one dose. That’s part of our commitment to making sure natural health feels natural!

    When a supplement protocol is easy to follow, you’re more likely to commit to it. Natural health approaches usually take two to three months to convey noticeable effects. This requires diligent commitment. The easier it is to stick to a protocol, the more likely you will take the supplement consistently, and it will convey the sought-after results.

The AltoViva™ Immune System Difference

In addition to our two driving principles, our Immune System product line embodies three more ideals:

  1. Put Gut Health First – Supplements make it into the body ONLY if the gut is working well! If the gut is inefficient, supplements pass through unabsorbed. AltoViva’s™ Immune System formulas provide appropriate for your specific blood type.*

  2. Respect Blood Type Differences – Effective immune system support needs to respect blood type differences. Otherwise it risks aggravating immune health challenges. AltoViva™ Immune System formulas provide comprehensive immune system support optimized according to Blood Type.*

  3. Provide a Whole Health Foundation – AltoViva™ Immune System formulas provide over 70 gut-health and immune system supporting synbiotics, nutrients, enzymes, plant-derived extracts, and amino acids. Immune health herbals are great, but ultimately your body needs complete nutrition to maintain true wellness.*