About Altoviva

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As a natural products manufacturer and formulation innovator, AltoViva™ draws from over 20 years of metabolic and immunology research. We believe that food is the best medicine, and that the body is the best healer. We pair both leading edge research with holistic principles for a truly integrative best-of-both-worlds approach.

Our research team is dedicated to developing and delivering the best health-promoting resources from food in convenient daily formulas. Healthy supplementation should not have to interrupt day-to-day life or force drastic dietary changes. Along with providing superior, effective, immune-supporting products, we also strive to educate the public on the complicated nuances of immune system function and the vital influence of Blood Type. Our educational efforts focus on three core principles:

  • Put Gut Health First – Supplements are absorbed and make it into the body ONLY if the gut is working well!
  • Blood Type Matters – If past supplement strategies have been unsuccessful, it’s often because the strategy was inappropriate for the individual’s Blood Type. It’s that important!
  • Keep it Simple – If a supplement protocol is too complicated, patients don’t stick to it. A single-dose all-in-one, formulated for the individual’s Blood Type is ideal.

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