Ingredient Overview: Niacin Posted on April 11, 2016 by , 0 comments

Our weekly blog series continues, highlighting the important and unique synergistic ingredients found in AltoViva for Heart Health. This week, Nicain.

Niacin is an essential B vitamin, B3 to be exact. It promotes both healthy circulations as well as healthy HDL levels already within the normal range. When taken as a supplement, niacin causes a side effect known as the “niacin flush”. The flush is a reddening of the face and neck they may appear to be a rash. It is temporary and shows that the niacin is causing an expansion of both major blood vessels and micro-capillaries. 

While healthy HDL levels are essential to good heart health, it is not the only piece of the puzzle. Niacin supplements taken along cannot support all of the needs of the complex cardiovascular system.

Unlike other cardio health blends that cut cost through compromising on dosages or ingredient quality, AltoViva™ for Heart Health utilizes only the most bioavailable ingredient forms in dosages that are optimized for significant cardiovascular effects. 

The AltoViva™ for Heart Health formula addresses this issue head on, providing a balanced selection of cardio nutrients, which concurrently promote arterial health, healthy heart muscle function, balanced metabolism of dietary fats, and healthy blood pressure, among many other cardio health effects.

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