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Our weekly blog series continues, highlighting the important and unique synergistic ingredients found in AltoViva for Heart Health. This week, Taurine.

Taurine (Synthetic sodium bisulfite) is an amino sulfonic acid, which, unlike most amino acids, is not involved in the formation of protein. Instead, it is part of the process of cell activity. Taurine is found in the highest concentrations in the heart as well as red blood cells, the brain, retinas, and kidneys. Taurine is produced by the body but is also consumed through animal protein sources, such as meat, eggs, and fish.

The use of Taurine as a supplement has been found to help promote healthy blood pressure levels. This is due in part to Taurine’s ability to provide antioxidant support that promotes healthy vasorelaxation as well as healthy arterial flexibility. It has also been found to help support the body’s utilization of calcium and the production of ATP, which is involved in cell energy production and use. 

AltoViva™ for Heart Health provides Taurine in a strategic dosage optimized to help promote healthy vascular elasticity. AltoViva™ for Heart Health provides taurine as a valuable complement to niacin’s circulatory benefits. Niacin should always be taken alongside nutrients that support healthy heart muscle strength and function.*

The AltoViva™ for Heart Health formula addresses multiple heart health issues head on by providing a balanced selection of cardio nutrients. These concurrently promote arterial health, healthy heart muscle function, balanced metabolism of dietary fats, and healthy blood pressure, among many other cardio health effects.*

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